Price composition

The registration of the service users' license plates is carried out through the official toll stores of the respective countries immediately at the request of the customer without any waiting period, which the service user would have to abide by when purchasing the toll products in the official online toll stores in some countries.

Our service also includes a customer-friendly ordering process and we are happy to help with any questions through our customer support. For the aforementioned services, we charge the service fees listed here, which are in addition to the prices of the toll products, which in turn are set by the toll operators of the respective countries. At this point we explicitly draw the attention of the service user to the following circumstance: If the registration service for a toll product is used and the validity does not start until after 18 days, the added value of immediate usability does not apply, since in this case the digital toll product can also be ordered directly from the AsfinAG toll store and becomes valid on time.

For Austria, the prices for digital vignettes and digital route tolls are determined by AsfinAG. Registration of license plates is possible for digital vignettes for 10 days, 2 months or annual vignettes with a fixed validity period and digital route tolls for 1 trip, 2 trips or annual passes with a validity of 365 days from registration.

For digital vignettes for motorcycles, the prices are 5,60€ for 10 days - 14,10€ for 2 months - 37,20€ for annual vignettes with the registration service fees 6,70€ for 10 days - 8,90€ for 2 months - 10,70€ for annual vignettes.

For digital vignettes for cars up to 3,5t the prices are 9,60€ for 10 days - 28,20€ for 2 months - 93,80€ for annual vignettes with the registration service fees 10,20€ for 10 days - 10,20€ for 2 months - 15€ for annual vignettes.

For digital route tolls for motorcycles and for cars up to 3,5t the prices are 7,60€ to 15,50€ for 1 trip - 20,00€ to 31,00€ for 2 trips - 109,50€ to 115,00€ for annual vignettes with the registration service fees 4,50€ to 5,00€ for 1 trip - 6,00€ to 9,00€ for 2 trips - 8,00€ for annual vignettes.