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The road map in Austria

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Questions and answers about your digital toll product!

Yes, since 01.12.2023, a 1-day vignette has been available for Austria for the first time. You can now also register your license plates for one day in our online store. Please note that the 1-day vignette is always valid for the selected calendar day, not for 24 hours.

No. You no longer need a physical product after successful registration as a car driver. As a motorcyclist, you carry the registration confirmation with you. No adhesive vignette will be sent on our part either.

On most freeways in Austria, passenger cars and motor homes up to 3.5t mtplm (maximum technically permissible laden mass) as well as motorcycles are subject to a vignette obligation. No separate toll products are required for trailers and caravans. For all vehicles (including motorhomes) over 3.5t mtplm, the toll is collected electronically on almost all freeways and expressways using the so-called GO-Box. On some alpine crossings, due to the high construction costs, an additional route toll applies. This must be paid in addition. On toll sections there is no vignette obligation. Our route planner helps you with the product selection!

The 1-day vignette is valid for one calendar day (day of booking), not for 24 hours.

After you have paid for your order, we will immediately start registering your license plates. This usually takes less than 2 minutes! After successful registration in the toll store, you will receive a registration confirmation with a QR code by mail. Your toll product is now valid and you can start driving! In the case of a digital vignette, your toll product is valid for the specified period; in the case of a digital route toll, it is valid for the selected number of routes.

A distinction must be made here between passenger cars and motorcycles. For motorcyclists, there is currently no possibility of automatic registration for digital route toll tickets. They must present the registration confirmation. Car drivers are not required to carry their tickets. However, we recommend that you carry it with you in the event of technical problems. This way, in case of doubt, you can prove that you have purchased a digital product. If you are unable to do so, you may be forced to pay for a single journey.

We offer the following payment methods: Credit Card, Giropay, Sofortüberweisung, iDEAL, EPS, S€PA, PayPal

The digital vignette is registered directly to your license plate. At the tollbooths, you can thus drive in the green marked toll lanes or also in the regular lanes. After matching your license plate, the barrier opens automatically.

Generally, the vignette obligation applies as soon as the highway or toll road is entered. However, there are some stretches of Austrian highway that are exempt from the obligation. These include the stretches from Walserberg to Salzburg-Nord on the A1, Kiefersfelden to Kufstein-Süd on the A12 and Hörbranz to Hohenems on the A14. In the future, the Linz Westring (A26) will be added; this is still under construction or in planning.

You can get the 10-day vignette from us from 12,50€ for motorcycles and from 19,80€ for cars. You can also get the 1-day vignette from 6,90€ for motorcycles and from 13,90€ for cars, the 2-month vignette from 23,60€ for motorcycles and from 39,40€ for or the annual vignette from 49,90€ for motorcycles and from 109,40€ for cars.

In our online store you can obtain all your digital toll products with immediate validity. The 18-day waiting period does not apply to all vignettes and route tolls. Cancellation protection is always included for selected products, so you can pre-book without any worries.

We always provide you with an immediately valid digital vignette when you purchase from our online store. In concrete terms, this means that you do not have to wait 18 days for your online booking under any circumstances and can use your chosen toll product within a few minutes of registering. With our Europe-wide route planner and exclusive cancellation protection, you can also easily plan your trip in advance. We have also optimized the ordering process for our users and are available 24/7 by email via our customer support.

You can obtain the 10-day vignette, 20-day vignette, 2-month vignette, 4-month vignette, annual vignette and the new 1-day vignette from us. You can also purchase the vignettes at various petrol stations, tobacconists and ASFINAG toll booths.

The largest toll-free route is definitely the A1 Westautobahn, where you can drive a full 300 km without a vignette. You can also find further examples and vignette recommendations in our route calculator.

If you drive on the highways or expressways without a valid vignette, this can lead to a fine of 120 euros, motorcyclists pay a fine of 65 euros. If you are unable to pay this fine immediately, you can expect to be reported to the police and fined 300 euros.

The vignette on Austria's freeways and expressways applies to all vehicles up to a technically permissible total mass (tzGm) of 3.5 tons - i.e. cars, motorcycles and light motorhomes. In the case of route tolls, a separate route toll is levied for some highway sections.

Annual vignette car - 109,40 € 4-month vignette for cars - € 76.90 - Only available from us 2-month vignette car - 39,90 € 20-day vignette for cars - € 27.90 - Only available from us 10-day vignette for cars - € 20.90 1-day vignette for cars - € 13.90 - Only available digitally Annual vignette motorcycle - 49,90 € 4-month motorcycle vignette - € 32.90 - Only available from us 2-month motorcycle vignette - € 19.90 20-day motorcycle vignette - € 11.20 - Only available from us 10-day motorcycle vignette - € 10.90 1-day motorcycle vignette - € 6.90 - Only available digitally

You can obtain the 10-day vignette, 20-day vignette, 2-month vignette, 4-month vignette, annual vignette and the new 1-day vignette from us.

Always buy the vignette before driving. The purchase of the e-vignette has no retroactive validity. Any journey without a valid toll product will incur a replacement toll of €120. You can find all toll products with immediate validity in our online store.

In contrast to the physical vignette, the digital vignette does not require a sticker to be attached to the vehicle. The vehicle is usually registered with the license plate number in a digital system.

Under the "Check validity" tab, you will find a publicly accessible register that anyone can use free of charge to check whether a digital vignette or digital route toll is available for a license plate and for what period it is valid by entering the license plate number and the country of registration.

All vignettes registered with us are valid immediately after receipt of payment. There is no 18-day waiting period.

A toll sticker is compulsory for the use of Austrian highways and expressways. The Austrian toll operator ASFINAG charges a route toll for particularly cost-intensive routes such as tunnels, bridges or mountain passes. You need a separate toll product for the following sections: A13 Brennerautobahn, A 10 Tauern Autobahn, S 16 Arlberg Schnellstraße, A 11 Karawanken Autobahn - southbound and the A9 Pyhrn Autobahn.

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